Thursday, October 29, 2009 | dallas child photographer

this little bug was spunky with a capital S! she was a bitty little thing but there wasn't anything small about her personality...and you know i love them that way.

when she climbed out of her car i couldnt resist...i had to touch her hair. she had the best hair. it was fun and springy and so very cute...just like her.

the best part was how she "was" with her daddy. dad was very tall. he was quiet. he was along for the ride. but when this bitty girlie climbed into her daddy's lap or hugged his leg, his face just lit up and i LOVE that.

thanks for coming out in the rain and fog cute family. i had a great time watching and listening to a piano serenade to elmo in the city streets. it doesnt get any better than that!