Sunday, October 4, 2009

out of my box | dallas child photographer

i am trying something new. i am a natural light photographer which means that i dont use a flash when i take pictures but lately...i am interested in flash. hey, what can i say? i am always a work in progress.

so, a friend of mine - who happens to have all kinds of camera toys - graciously opened up his home to me and 2 pre-teen crazy kids {a.k.a my daughter and her good friend} for some much needed learnin'

i was definitely outside of my comfort zone, but i loved it! i feel like i learned so much. actually, i need to wrap this up quickly because we are headed back for another afternoon in the studio but i wanted to quickly post a few images of these kids.

me & flash...who da thunk?


Ali said...

I am amazed by the difference...they are beautiful!! Looks like you need to add a studio to your house :) they are cute friends!!

Theresa said...

already thinking about dont need beds or toys right? :)