Wednesday, June 29, 2011

fat baby | dallas family photographer

it makes me laugh when i meet families who have a sense of humor...about themselves.

i have photographed this family a few times and we always find something to laugh about...but this time i couldnt stop laughing. their newest addition is the smiley-est, squishy-est baby and a kick in the pants all on his own. but what had me giggling the entire session was the family "pet name" for the baby..."fat baby." he actually responds when he hears this...and smiles!

this baby is a chunk-o-munk. the other kids are average to small...then there is "fat baby," said with a louisiana drawl. when dad turned him upside down, this baby's eyes all but disappeared under his cheeks. {giggle}

they are going to have to find a new nickname because i get the feeling that when this baby starts walking, he is going to turn that chunk into muscle and be a force to recon with. :) funny is it that dad is so trying to win this race?

thanks for the fun, guys. always great to catch up and i cant wait till next time!