Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ahhh,a 3 year old | dallas child photographer

grace and i were goofing around the other day. she loved the groovy retro necklace i found so i tried to find a place groovy enough for a picture with the groovy necklace. she was so sweet and fun and silly...till...she wasn't.

i was still laughing and thought life was good. apparently i was like one of those people who falls asleep during a funny part in the movie only to wake up laughing 20 minutes later, not realizing that the moment has passed and i missed something major.

well, i am pretty sure that i didn't fall asleep while i was taking her picture and i don't recall anything "major happening" although these 2 pictures are literally a moment apart. so, i will chalk this sudden shift in mood up to the wild and crazy ride living with a 3 year old. because, it feels better to me than the possibility that i fell asleep, woke up not realizing that i was asleep and missed something big!!


Monica Carroll Photography said...

As the parent of a 3-yr-old, I know how quickly the mood can shift. I love that you can feel that when you look at these images. Great capture!