Sunday, July 20, 2008

surfin' in dallas | dallas child photographer

you can take the person out of california, but you can't take california out of the person...or something like that. when we left california 4 years ago, we couldn't bear the thought of leaving the surf board behind. so in our garage it sits, up high, in a position of power...waiting.

we loaded up the kids and went to the "beach" - sand pails, beach chairs and surf board in tow. the summer has made us all a little nostaligic and the beach was calling. we may have only made it to lake ray roberts 30 minutes away, but we has a great day and i assure you, we were the hippest, happenin' bunch around!

since we no longer have a plentiful supply of board wax, it was all but imposible to stay upright for any length of time, especially when the "waves" came roaring in...all 12 inches or so...from the ski boats in the distance. the two little girls rocked, however, and were clearly meant for surfing as they were able to "ride the waves" like champions.

can you tell these 2 boys are related? if i didn't know better, i would think they were brothers (they aren't). i just love their eyes. it is always the boys that get the ginormous eyelashes that go on forever, isn't it?

you really haven't experienced the "beach" till you have eaten sand. it is kind of a right of passage.

my beach baby...someday i will cut his hair. just not today :)


Monica Carroll Photography said...

My goodness! Your ability to capture such gorgeous colors never ceases to amaze me. I am in love with the image of the little guy in front of the upright surfboard. And the sky behind him is unbelievable! Great job.