Monday, November 3, 2008

jammin downtown | dallas family photographer

so my mom calls me and mildly scolds because i havent kept up with my blogging. she was right to scold...did i just say that?...i have done a poor job of posting.

as my fellow photographers will attest, tis the season. crazy. once october arrives, the season kicks off like racehorses on the track. and while it has been a great ride and i have met so many fabulous people, i do not have enough time to blog each session. so, i will start fresh. i will appease my mother :) and share this family with you.

these people are some of the coolest around, and some of my favorites. of course it helps that mom delivered my third child, dad is the hippest pediatrician around and Will, the middle kiddo...well, i am trying to figure out how to work out an arranged marriage between him and my Gracie. :)

when they approached me to do a family shoot, little did i know that we would be the most happenin' street act with dad on guitar - he was in a band in his other life - one on bongos, one with the yukalele and another on tamborine.

fun. fun. fun.

thanks guys, i had a BLAST!