Saturday, November 1, 2008

witches, fancies and heroes | dallas child photographer

this halloween marked a growing pain of sorts for oldest "birdie" flew the coop and traded trick-or-treating with mom and gang for an evening of revved-up-trick-or-treating-run-from-house-to-house-to-gather-as-much-loot-as-possible with a group of friends.

really, can those other kids be that much fun? i'm fun. i missed her. (whine)

once the costume made it onto her body, she couldn't get out the door fast enough. i practically had to hold her down to get one measly photo..."a memory for when i am old and can't remember your name anymore. this photo will help me..." I told her. "oh, fine" she conceded and then added "but mom, you are already old and your memory isnt that great you know. you better take lots of pictures, just not right now. i have to go."

funny, isnt she?

we decided to take a more creative approach to costumes this year. i called it the mom-is-too-busy-to-sew-three-costumes plan. emily dug through the costume cache and became a witch. gracie was an urban bumblebee of sorts, till she said she was naked because she didnt have wings, so on went the ladybug wings. emily and grace announced that they had decided ben was going to be "captain underpants." he wore his briefs proudly, like any superhero would!

the first house we always hit is just a stone's throw away from ours. every year they have the coolest set-up. whimzy, scary and fun all at the same time. it really puts all other houses to shame.

so, without em, the two little ones and my neice kept us "old folks" entertained with their vibrance, excitement and squeezie cuteness as they skipped, danced and trotted from house to house in search of the next sugar rush.

the one above reminds me of the old cartoons... "wonder-twins activate!!!"