Saturday, February 21, 2009

fall sneak-peak | dallas commercial photographer

you know, every time i take a stand and swear on the life of my favorite shoes that i will not neglect my blog ever again something comes up, weeks fly by and my blog collects dust. then my insanely supportive clients, almost clients, family and friends start emailing me to gently request an update.

i knew coming in to january and february that the first few months of the year would be my "slow" months. this is the time to re-vamp, to rest, to prepare for the upcoming 'photography season.' maybe to show some extra love to my blog. well, after an amazingly busy fall/holiday season we took a much needed break and fled to the mountains of utah. after we rolled back into town and i was ready to start the wait for spring, the phone started ringing.

our pictures were featured on the cover of 2 magazines, we have done sessions with new and returning clients, we had an enormous response to our first ever attempt at a mini session and...i am so excited to share with you our new project...shooting for children's clothing lines.

just look at this fun, whimzical fall taste from this amazing designer. i just cant say enough about her. check out her site. LOVE IT! i know, we just survived christmas, but it will be fall before you know it and after seeing what is to come from this line...i can't wait. once we finish with this line, i will certainly post more. i dont think i can keep all of these cutie-pies to myself.

then, on the heels of this line, we will start shooting for another designer that i know you will just love! she has such a unique, thank you to all of my blog-gazers for your continued support and endless patience while i strive to keep posting images amidst our craziness.

if the past couple of months is any indication, this year is going to be an action-packed yet amazing year. we are already staring to book for may, so if you want a session this spring i have a few march and april dates left.

talk to you soon....


SKD said...

OMG... Gracie looks just like someone I know!!

Congrats upon your success... absolutely beautiful photos.

Poppa-D said...

Beautiful photos - I too am a commercial photographer and just don't have quite the knack for working with children you clearly have. Great work.

Julie said...

Adorable images! (and super cute clothes, too!)