Sunday, February 8, 2009

not your average mini session | dallas child photographer

note to self...create a new blog. sizing issues on this blog are frustrating. i know, i know, there are scores of you out there who make it work...but then there's me. :)

on to more important sessions!! i really cant wrap my mind around a mini session. if you have ever had a session with me you know full well that we have way too much fun to accomplish the "experience" in a 15 minute mini session. but so many of you have inquired, urged, hinted and nudged for a mini session...hmmm what to do?

1 hour
10-15 images
on location session
a $1020 package for $500

i have set aside a day in february and 2 days in march to shoot 8 sessions. call me for details ( like the where and when...)
this should be fun :)