Friday, March 13, 2009

road trip update | dallas child photographer

we have had a request to head out to Hilton Head and set up shop for a couple days...i am not opposed to this, or to traveling anywhere really. just email me or call and the same holds true for your location as for my crazy, summer road trip. i need at least 4 sessions lined up to justify a stop.

thanks for the interest!! i love to travel!!


Laurie said...

Was that my request or do you have another one? If it is someone else and you are considering it, then let me know what dates you were thinking of and I'll try to round up some interested parties.

By the way, if you have a choice, Hilton Head in the spring, very early summer (and that is pushing it) and fall/winter. High summer is a giant sweltering sauna. We were actually at the beach in October.

Molly said...

You take beautiful photos... glad i found your site.