Tuesday, March 24, 2009

say what??? | dallas child photographer

as i am driving down the tollway, in rush hour traffic, listening to 'Annie' belt out a tune on the dvd player...my phone rings. it's my sister. she is bursting to tell me about my niece's funny comment. this ought to be good. my niece is not your average kid.

apparently, out of nowhere, this 8 year old pipes up with "Mom, Daddy met Lindy [current wife] on the internet, maybe you should go on ebay and find yourself a man."

ehhh, what? hmmm...how did you...eh...what??!!

so after i stop laughing and wipe my eyes i think 'hmmm, i wonder?' i just had to turn on the computer and get on ebay. maybe the kid knows something. it was worth a look-see, i figure.

how do you search for a man? what search terms do i use? i tried the obvious... MAN...but got a lot of male underware hits...not sooo bad, especially after i saw the pictures. ok...MALE DATE...this produced all types of watches for sale. the closest i was able to get was an instruction manual for $165 on becoming a male escort. that has got to be one interesting read. :)

so, i guess my sister cant buy herself a man...but she could get a how-to-guide on becoming the perfect male escort. easter is coming up. could make a lovely gift for that special someone.

i swear, i LOVE kids. life would be so boring without them.