Friday, April 30, 2010

love this face | dallas child photogapher

i love this kid. she is so easy, and fun. i typically have a session with her a couple times a year and she is such a goof-ball. this session, however, had a purpose. she needed to update her headshots. our little cutie-pie is a working woman now as a model and it's not hard to see why.

i have seen so many photographers use tents in their sessions and i love the idea. the texture. the color. missy is a little old for it, i guess, but i had just finished making it and wanted to try it out. i knew miss T. would roll with it as she does with most things and i LOVE how it all turned out.

thanks for humoring me and i cant wait to meet you for your next session - which is already in the works - with your gorgeous mother! it should be fun.

till then... peace


Lena said...

your photos are soo beautiful!

Theresa said...

thank you, lena :)