Friday, April 30, 2010

my cute mom | dallas family photographer

i had to laugh when i looked through all of these photos. i took these some months ago after a commercial shoot for a children's clothing boutique. i had needed models so we gathered all the cousins together and hoped for the best. one had an ear infection, 2 were starving. one kept getting bug bites and one refused to cooperate. 2 used the closest tree when "nature called" and weren't too pleased. the boys wanted to play in the creek and one of the girls scowled at me from the moment she stepped out of the car. HA!

despite it all, we captured some great photos. we were exhausted. tense. ready for a "spicy frozen mommy drink."

my mom had asked if i would take a photo or two of her after the mahem and i have to tell you, that part - taking pictures of my mom - was so much fun. my sister was there, ipod in hand, blaring lady gaga. my 11 year old was trying to show my mom a few of her hip-hop moves and we laughed.

we laughed hard. the kind of laugh that makes you cry. i couldnt see a thing.

i love my mom. she is a really good person. and a good sport. and beautiful.

thanks mom, for being patient...and i will have you know that i didnt post any of the truly hilarious pictures. not becuase they are terrible but because ... well ... you know where i live! :)

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