Saturday, October 23, 2010

sweet cooper | dallas child photographer

gads i love babies. i love the way they smell. i love the way they squeak. i love the way they squishy themselves into a bitty little raisin when they cozy in. i love how they tuck their feet under when they sleep.

i could just hold a newborn all day and be happy.

so when this little man's cute mom called me, i warned her that we may just have to settle for a coffee date and some conversation while i held this pretty little thing and smelled his head. pictures? well, we would try, but no promises.

i was so excited to get to the house. it has been sooo long since i have snuggied with a bitty baby. mom assured me that this kid - #3 - was a sleeper. that's when my red flag started flying. did she have to make that statement out loud? sure enough, our little bug came out of hibernation hours? i was sure that we had many pictures of grunting faces, crying, wailing, and squirming and little by way of sweet sleeping baby.

i will let you in on a secret. most of the "sleeping baby" photos were actually "blinking" baby photos! HA! mwhoohahahah....

is he not the most perfect little bug? ahhh. i love babies.