Tuesday, August 11, 2009

international language | dallas child photographer

this cute family drove quite a distance to have me take their pictures, to which i am honored. but more impressive was the trust they willingly placed in me to capture what they wanted...especially since they came from mexico and didnt speak any english...and unless i needed to order a beer or ask for the restroom, i had no verbal means of communication without our beloved interpretor...who was going to have a baby literally at any moment.

you should have seen us. i would say something....pause...the interpretor would speak...pause...they would respond....pause

as adults, we did just fine but i can only imagine what this little bug was thinking everytime i opened my mouth and out came, "blah blah blah....ohhh...blah, blah, blah?"

i very quickly decided to scrap the words and i went straight for silly. my thighs were a burnin' after leaping like a frog and doing goofy dances for an hour or so.

despite our inability to communicate with words, i think that we became champions of the international language of FUN!

can you believe this is just how she would stand when she was in her tutu?

this HAD to be one of the moments when i tried to open my mouth. "who is this woman?" she must have thought


Julie said...

What a task, to photograph, but not even be able to talk! You did it beautifully. And like you said, acting silly is international! Love it!