Wednesday, August 5, 2009

bubble fun | dallas child photographer

have you ever read "family fun magazine?" i subscribe. and admit that with each new issue, i fold corners on the pages i want to mark for future fun. i make lists of crafts and projects i think the kids will like. then, i usually find those lists at the bottom of some huge stack of...something.

well, not this time! i saw this homegrown bubble machine and immediately went to work. this was by far the best and most amazing producer of monstrous bubbles that i have seen. and, more importantly, the kids loved it.

we actually combined a few ideas...we put a little food coloring in the "bubble juice" and then blew bubbles on the paper hanging on our make-shift clothes line. when the bubbles popped...we had ART!

how can you not LOVE a contraption that produces so many bubbles, it makes you look like a rabid dog?
she is so creative. she used her hand instead of a bubble wand and definitely won the "bestest bubble blower award" of the day
i mean really, check out this bubble stream!!
even the little dudes had a ton of fun
and when that became old news, heck, blow bubbles on your brother
or just get rid of the bubbles altogether and slather your brother with FOOD COLORING and thick dish soap...the kid foamed for an hour while i tried to wash off the soap.

sometimes a person just needs to jump for the sheer joy of jumping :) enjoy the remains of your summer!!