Saturday, August 14, 2010

happy 10th!! | dallas family photographer

i want to introduce you to a super cool family that i met not too long ago. this is the house we all wanted to hang out at as kids. they have a real snow cone machine that seems to run all the time. with the music blaring, the pool inviting and mom offering to make "fun" food i think i am moving! in fact, i just heard about a tradition they have that i think i have to copy. they have "rock star wednesdays." the kids get to dictate what they do as a family from the time they wake up till the time they go to sleep. zoo in the morning? cool, let's do it. movies in the afternoon? grab the popcorn! dinner out? absolutely! fun, fun, fun.

so when mom and dad wanted to celebrate their 10th anniversary with some family photos i knew this would be a session a little left of center {a good thing in my book}. mom had it all planned out, i just had to show up with the camera. i pulled up at 6:30 am on a sunday, the boys were still in bed and mom was putting the finishing touches on her makeup. when the boys stumbled out, sleep still in their eyes i had to chuckle. they had on their swimsuits, their arms still bearing the marks of their swim meet the day before.

it was all very fitting considering the adult attire. mom and dad were married on the beach, then at the end of the ceremony, jumped into the water. LOVE. IT. the boys were delightful and sweet. mom and dad looked great {10 years and they can still look this great in their wedding clothes?!} and can you tell mom was a cheerleader "back in the day?" good grief! :)

it was fun. happy anniversary!!