Friday, August 13, 2010

cute family | dallas family photographer

whew! we are now at the end of the summer and i cant believe how fast it has flown by. it seems like i have been "running and gunning" since june meeting fun new/ previous clients as well as keeping up with my own herd through summer activities. swimming, crafts, visiting family, swimming more and essentially trying to stay out of the blasted heat. if you live in our area, the term "africa HOT" actually means something. We are on day umteen at triple digit temperatures with a "feel index" of 110+.


so, here i am taking cover in my air conditioned home that is just a hair cooler than heat-stroke attempting to update. i have so many families that i want to share with you but will start with this wacky group.

i love this family. i first met these fantastic people a couple years ago and loved them immediately. they are so cute together and the kids are just...edible! when dad made his own appointment for a second session as a suprise for mom, my heart swelled.

i heard that they were expecting a second baby and couldnt wait to get my hands - and camera - on this bitty little creature who was surely as precious as her sister. i had to wait a bit longer than expected, though. the delivery was...complicated. they almost lost the baby. although she pulled through and was fighting like crazy, her improvements were not encouraging. then, all of a sudden here was my cute little family from south carolina, calling me for a session. the baby was responding, she was off support and she was starting to show signs of interacting with familiar faces.

as you can see from the photos, the baby is beautiful. the family is together and as fun as ever.

thank you, my sweet family, for allowing me to share your lives and continue to watch your children grow. you are all so dear to me!

till next time...