Wednesday, September 30, 2009

our angel...| dallas child photographer

is back and getting so big and this time she brought her daddy with her! last time she visited me her daddy was far away and his safety was always a concern. she was such a bitty little thing then. now look at her...and her cute daddy who has made it home safe and sound. arent they cute?

i was so happy to see get a few squeezes in...and was even more excited to learn that this session was a suprise for mom, who was at home alone for a few days for some much needed rest. mom was gonna' have another baby! so this session was a suprise to be opened months later when the baby arrived.

there were some complications with the pregnancy and some complications with delivery and the baby came very early...8 weeks early. she was in some serious trouble for awhile and although she isnt out of the woods, she is improving.

i was so touched to hear that baby olivia has some of these pictures lining her isolette. mom wanted this baby to know that she belonged. she mattered. there was a world beyond tubes and doctors and tests waiting for her when she was ready. she was loved. it brought tears to my eyes when i heard.

i love this family. when dad was fighting for our country in iraq i spent who knows how long hoping he would come home soon, safely. and now, i think of them often and send out all the positive energy i can for this new little baby who i am certain is every bit as squeezie as her sister.

thank you for continuing to allow me to be a part of your sweet family. and when you are able, you get that baby to me so that we can do a session of your entire family, now that it is complete. :)