Thursday, September 10, 2009

gerber baby| dallas baby photographer

oh my goodness.

this baby was the cutest little stink-pot, like ever!! as soon as i saw her i couldnt wait to whip out my camera and start pressing the shutter. she is the teeny tiniest little thing with the most infectious smile. i just wanted to gather her up and squeeze her. sadly...she wanted almost nothing to do with me (until after she was filthy and after i gave her candy).

this little bug was absolutely giddy about walking barefoot in the streets, crawling around in the dirt while her mother and i were practically sprinting to stay just a 1/2 step ahead of her. she had the sweetest clothes but by the time she had had her way, the bottoms of her feet, legs and hands looked as though she just crawled through a tar pit. after we finished our session, her mom and i looked at each other and sighed..."well, maybe there is one good one in there?" well, with a face like this, i couldnt help but capture something great.

by the way, check out your local sears stores and catalogs might just see her cute squeezy face staring back at you. :)