Tuesday, September 22, 2009

colorado trio | utah family photographer

this family was groovy. i love it when people show up and say, "just tell me what to wear, what to do...." the world really is our oyster at that point. and...they drove all the way from colorado to meet me while i was in park city, utah. how cool is that?

i grew up in park city and to have the opportunity to take some pictures while i was there was really fun for me. we were all over the place.

i have to tell you that these kids were amazing. they were the right mix of polite, respectful and crazy goofy but not just with me. they were all those things with their mom. i loved that.

it was such a relaxed, kicked-back session despite the fact that there was a ginormous muscle-car show all along main street with an explosion of people buzzing all around and we were in a holding pattern for a couple hours because the weather suddenly turned cold and very wet.

thank you for sharing your morning with me, braving the rain, the people and the cars. i had a great time. but, before i stop rambling on, i have to say, diana you look fabulous!! (in case you were confused, the mom is the 3rd photo down!!)