Tuesday, September 22, 2009

downtown | dallas child photographer

my first set of twins! these 2 little bugs were so itty bitty and their sister was so cute with them.

big sister was a little nervous having some strange lady {that would be me} shoving a black box in her face {my camera} all morning. go figure! so to ease her into my world of crazy, she needed a friend...her toy fish. in most of her pictures you can see that little yellow fishy...unless i have strategically cropped it out.

mr. man was ever so stylish and i would have to say "politely" on the go. he was very kind and gentle but he was a man with a mission. a mission to go wherever i was not. but, as you can see, we made friends and thank goodness because he has a face worth sharing. so handsome.

then there was this little bug below. so quiet. so sweet and so fair skinned!! she was just as cute as they come and i will tell you that she has a bit of spunk hidden beneath all that sweetness.

thanks for a great morning!

is this sort of like a sucker lick from afar?