Monday, September 28, 2009

grandpa's farm | dallas child photographer

i get this phone call one day. a mom of 3 wants to know if i will caravan with her family to oklahoma one weekend to take pictures of her kids on her grandfather's farm. her grandfather passed away some time ago and this property holds a lot of memories for her and i think that it sounds really great, so let's do it!

there's a catch. the property is no longer in her family and she isn't sure who is living there or whether they will actually allow us to take pictures at 8 am on a sunday. so the plan was to drive for hours with 3 little kids and the hope that we will accomplish our objective. hmmm.... i remember smiling and thinking that this is the sort of thing that i would most definitely do!!

so we get up there and park in front of the property. we are out in the country, on a dirt road. there are like 4 cars/trucks parked on the lawn. a huge dog chained to an out-building, a bitty little dog outside in a kennel and a mess of dogs barking in the house. as the mom heads up to the front door of the house with a look of determination, her husband and i notice a bumper sticker on one of the trucks that makes me worry about the sanity of what we were attempting to do...and our safety!!

funny thing was, no one answered the door. so we start out by taking a few pictures with the property in the background...then we move a little onto the property...then a little more...until we are taking pictures all over the place. the dogs never stopped barking in the 2 hours that we were there! no one ever came to the door. i figured that they must be nursing one he-uge hangover :)

these kids were such trooopers. it was muddy. it started to get hot and we had knit hats, tights, jeans, vests!!! the oldest cutie-pie was just squeezie. i thought he was the cutest thing and he could play the guitar like nobody's business. it was amazing. i couldnt stop taking pictures of him, poor little thing.

his little cute. so fair and creamy. her eyes were the bluest blue. i love that age.

then there was my friend. i asked his name and he tells me W-Y-A-double T! ha! made me think of Tigger (T-I-double gu-rrr). i laughed all morning about that.

thanks family for a special treat. i love road trips and your kids are amazing. i couldnt decide which pictures i wanted to post so i posted a BUNCH! it was a great morning spiced with devious adventure :)