Thursday, September 10, 2009

we are our parents | dallas child photographer

i am my mother. when people see me, and they know my mother, they say, "oooh! you look so much like your mother!"

i am my father, too. when folks who knew my dad see me, they know right away that i am his.

aside from sharing our genes, however, i am my parents when it comes to technology. we didnt get a vhs player until i was almost out of high school and do you know that the little space for the digital clock flashed 12:00 for years because no one knew how to set it and no one dared to try. what if you became the one to foul up the entire thing all because you felt the need to set the clock? nope. it was waaay better to just ignore the flashing numbers and after awhile, you didnt notice it fact, mom, is the time correctly set on your vhs/dvd right this minute? hmmm, if i had to guess... :)

my father wouldnt touch the computer. wouldnt even push the button to turn it on. i think he worried that he might "do it wrong." my mother is better, but doesnt venture too far into the cyber-world. we are a tactile family. we like to touch, create with our hands, talk in person, use the phone, bake, build... this whole computer/digital thing is...well... lets just say that i think i am still licking my wounds after losing a 45 page college report 20 years ago when the university of utah experienced its first computer virus. i hesitate when i need to really create something on the computer.

today is that day. i am going to take the plunge. i need to re-vamp a few things on the blog and website. things i am not sure how to do but have researched and now need to test my knowledge. so, if you happen to take a virtual stroll by and notice a few things askew, chuckle to yourself and know that i am likely sitting at my desk staring at my computer, resting my chin on my hand mustering the courage to press the enter button and finalize the changes i am attempting to make.

so pardon the mess and cross your fingers :)