Thursday, September 10, 2009

a natural | dallas child photographer

when i met this little girl, her mother and i were talking about the details of their upcoming session. she was so shy and i remember thinking that i was going to have to really pull out all the tricks to get some great photos of her.

later, when she crawled out of the car to get dressed, she said something to me that was so quiet, i couldnt hear her. i just knew she was going to have a hard time in front of the camera.

ummm...dont think so! she was definitely quiet and very polite, but no problem whatsoever dealing with my big ole' camera lurking about.

gads i love her eyes. i am such a push over for eyes and the looks she was able to throw at me?!!! this little one will have no problem in her quest to be a model.

good luck cutie pie!!