Friday, September 11, 2009

just in time |dallas family photographer

love these kids.

i met this family last year and we became friends. love their mom, love their spunk and we have so much fun when we are together. we had talked about another shoot for some time, but never set a date...until...cameron and her brother were playing and almost knocked out her first tooth. it was hanging on just long enough for us to get one last picture of her with all her baby teeth.

i just have to say that this feisty little thing has a special place with me. she is so much like my gracie i would swear they were 2 twinkies from the same package. they look alike, they are the same age, they have found their voice and they both have a little "mafia" in their soul. what you see is this pretty little sweetness. what you dont see is her stalking around with a giant pout on her face pounding on her brother. LOVE IT!

dont you just love mom's childhood doll? i am going to dig mine out this weekend.