Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mr. t | dallas child photographer

i had the privilege of meeting this sweet face last year when we embraced the city streets for our session. this little guy was so quiet and complacent. sweet and reserved. his sisters were so much more chatty and willing to be in front of my camera that i found myself spending just a little more time with draw him out. eventually, i did find that smile. ultimately though, it had nothing to do with me. it had everything to do with tootsie-roll.

this year, when mom called, i knew he was going to make me work for that awesome smile. so, when we trudged out into the field and the little guy parked on a fire ant pile, i knew it was over. his face was streaked with tears and he was ready to "hit the road jack, and dontcha come back no more, no more, no more no more..." i figured i might get a cute picture while he wasnt looking, but...

then he spied my little airplane. of course he could hold it, fly it, play with it. i started running backward, in a field, with potholes and twigs just waiting to snag my feet and send me toppling over while he flew the plane faster and faster. it was the least i could do! ant bites are ghastly and i hoped to catch "just one" cute picture.

well, mission accomplished!

this was, of course, a sibling photo session and i will definitely post more because his sisters are adorable. but i felt that this little guy endured quite a bit at the hands of mother nature, triumphed and was so brave that he deserved his moment of recognition!

what a face!!


Ali said...

Theresa those are awesome, great job capturing the moment!! He is darling!!

Theresa said...

thank you. he really is sweet