Saturday, April 9, 2011

gerber baby grows up | dallas child photographer

i have a soft spot for curls, especially ringlets. they make me smile. when this little one's mom called me to take some pictures of her baby, i couldnt wait. aside from the fact that she is just beautiful and fun and goofy, i knew that she was sporting a full head of big squishy curls and i couldnt wait. the first time i met little missy, she was just about bald. the second time there was a hint of hair. this time i about fell all over myself when i saw that not only did she have gorgeous curly hair, but she had this fabulous duo of curls that were right at home in the middle of her forehead. GLORIOUS! i had to throw in the last picture because it just makes me laugh. she was barely big enough to stand on the swing and hold on. her mom and i were a little hesitant to let her try...visions of her landing smack on her face in the dirt racing through my thought...but she has no fear and climbed right on. the look of just plain 'ole joy is what gets me. two year olds make me smile.