Friday, May 28, 2010

published (3) | dallas child photographer

i have been very fortunate lately to have some of our photographs featured on the covers of this magazine. of course i am honored to see my work in print. but i have to say that i am even more excited for these kids.

i was especially delighted {!!} to learn that this first image was set for the june issue. this kiddo is all tomboy and the idea of wearing a dress just doesnt crop up often. the wind must have been blowing just right and the planets aligned when we had this mini session because she was just as cute as could be. i have a special place in my heart for tomboys as i grew up with tree sap in my hair till i was in high school!

this second girlie just tickles me. she is absolutely her own person. she had decided on a very bohemian look and it just jelled with who she is. when you look at her picture you can just feel her independent spirit.

congratulations girls! you are beautiful!!

these issues should hit stands in the next couple days, so run out and grab a copy!