Monday, May 31, 2010

summer experiment | dallas child photographer

we were out of cereal. it was time to go to the grocery store. while we were all singing to the song during the closing credits of "meet the robinsons," the thought hit me....we should do an experiment. the kids and i. during the entire summer, we should taste test a new box of cereal each week. no, wait. each person should choose a new box of cereal each week. i mean really, there are so many choices out there - and i have 3 kids - you would think that we were cereal connoisseurs.

we arent. we are such creatures of habit that we choose the same few cereals each grocery trip.
we are stunted in our cereal growth. i thought "this will be fun," and i spoke the words before i really thought this whole thing through. it was too late. the kids were completely into it.

when i thought AND spoke at the same time, i didnt embrace the fact that i am 2, they are 3 (my husband rarely shops with us so i get 2 votes). since each person was to choose a new cereal each week, we were bound to find some new favorites. i should mention that we eat a lot of cereal. in fact, it is the one food that my 2 little guys will eat regularly. so i buy good cereal. you know, mini wheats, cheerios...

as i saw their smiley little faces light up with the knowledge that they got to pick the cereal, i knew i was in trouble. i was likely looking at sugar overload.

good grief! what had i done! the idea was to give in here and there to get them to branch out in the healthy cereal realm. i was excited to try something high in fiber... but like i said, it didnt dawn on me as quickly as it did them that i was sorely out numbered.

my youngest and my oldest quickly and collectively ensured that we were walking away with some horribly sweet cereal by casting their votes for the same cereal. Trix was it. Trix with swirls to be exact. so here are the findings:

Impression of the packaging:

Kid #1: The box is very colorful!

Kid #2: The box is kinda cool cause I like the decorations

Kid #3: (licking his lips) It looks really yummy. It has orange and I like orange. Hey! It has the bunny from TV!!

Me: It looks like a bunch o' sugar. I am scared to eat it.

Smells like:

Kid#1: It smells like color.

Kid #2: It smells really yummy!

Kid #3: (cramming a ginormous spoonful into his mouth) Ohhh! It smells like orange!

Me: Yup. It smells like sugar. A lot of sugar.

Tastes like:

Kid #1: It's just O.K. (suprising!!)

Kid #2: This is really, really, reeeeaaally tastey.

Kid #3: (inaudible with an over-stuffed mouth) iffs weawy gwooud

Me: it looks like art. it tastes like tangy sweet sugar.

Buy it again?

Kid #1: no

Kid #2: (preparing to go to war over kid #1 statement) YES WE ARE TOO BUYING IT AGAIN!

Kid#3: Can I have some more, Mom?

Me: My stomach hurts. Did I really eat this stuff as a kid? Where's my coffee?

Well, the box is almost gone (did I mention we bought it today?). Time for a new box and time for some new rules. I think we need to eat fruit first to ensure something found in nature actually makes it into our bodies in the morning. HA! This should be fun.

I am secretly excited for one of them to pick cookie crisp. I used to LOVE that cereal. I wont waste one of my choices though. I saw them eye-balling it this morning. It might be next. Then I can hit them with raisin bran!!! Mwhoohahahah....


Amanda said...

Lol I like this, I used to hate that my mom would never let me pick out the cereal I wanted.. lol.