Sunday, September 7, 2008

best intentions | dallas child photographer

i should have known enough to not openly and boldly claim that i was going to post every day for a week. i mean, c'mon who was i kidding? in retrospect, i think i was tempting the fates and my challenge did not go unnoticed. merely a few days later after i was on a roll - having posted three whole times in a row! - my entire household caught a cold, stopped sleeping through the night, and my 4 year old tripped and fell falling head first onto the corner of a wall. hopefully one day the ginormous purple and yellow colored ostrich egg (it is he-uge) on her forehead will go away.

you know at the first of each new year we all make those resolutions to do something big, great and daring? then a month goes by, maybe two and we (maybe just me?) start thinking, "Well ok, maybe my goal was a bit lofty." well, my noble intention of posting every day still has momentum, but it needs a bit of tweaking considering the events of the last few days. so, i will boldly profess that i will post a bunch in the weeks to come, i just wont put a date on when. i have learned my lesson. :)

peace and health to all.


sharon said...

And, I love this child, too!