Tuesday, September 23, 2008

christian 3 | dallas child photographer

you know when you see the perfect picture of a beautiful child and you think, "wow." we have all seen them and if you are anything like me, i catch myself thinking on occasion, "i want to capture one of my children like that."

when i met this mom, she had but one request: try not to make my kids look like models. just kids.

no problem, i thought. kids will be kids, you know and unless they like to pose, i just follow along and catch what they give me. then these three get out of the car. HA! try not to take pictures where they look like models...hmmm? that proved to be impossible. beautiful. beautiful. beautiful.

and its funny, too, because not one of these kids was remotely interested in having pictures taken. they were polite and put up with me, but they were absolutely not "into the experience." so much so that dad sent me an email hoping that we were able to get one good one. just one.

well, i might be biased, but i think we hit the mark. look at how these kids just sparkle. and... i must apologize to the other families awaiting a peek of their session, but i felt the need to take this family out of turn and post some images for them to see. the best part? there is more to come!

till then...



sharon said...

Look how gorgeous!