Wednesday, September 10, 2008

star burst | dallas child photographer

it was late last night when i finally looked up from editing to see my 4 year old sitting with her dad on the couch, at attention and with great interest, watching star wars on t.v. my first instinct was to change the channel. afterall, i saw the movie when it first made its debut and i was in the first grade? (wow, am i that old?) and i was scared. i remember sitting in that movie theater chair, my arms tightly wrapped around my knees, sitting in a fetal-like position, hiding my eyes at every flash of light - which was like every 1/2 second or 2, right?

well, that was then. my little 4 year old had an entirely different take on that very same movie that made me hide eyes. i walked into the living room and asked her what she was watching and her response tickled me so much, i had to jot it down. when i woke up this morning, i was still laughing about how cute and excited and serious she was, i just had to share.

"Hey Gracie, whatcha watching?"

"Mom!! this is star burst and i know about this movie. do you wanna know about this movie?Well, there's a yellow robot who has a giant furry dog and a little old hairy guy who is a grand-papa and this movie is about people and robots with mean people and old nice people and I really just dont know what that big dog is supposed to do, ya know? There is a tall black robot who has a cape and doesnt move his mouth and that's kinda weird. He has a shooty thingy because he's mean but mom, i really just dont know what that dog does, ya know? he doesnt even sound like a dog."

i just love it when my kids present the world for me to see with a different set of eyes. it always looks better from their perspective and a whole lot more entertaining than anything i could ever come up with. and shes right, just what is that big dog supposed to do anyway?
peace and love


sharon said...

I love this child.