Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the jones three | dallas family photographer

well, i think i am starting to see the light of day after a huge amount of editing from our utah trip, sessions with new and previous clients since we returned home and an exciting commercial shoot. now that school is back in session, families are looking toward christmas (yikes, did i just say christmas?) and booking for fall and the holidays. we have some great fundraisers that we are going to be a part of (we will keep you posted so you can bid on some great packages) and the dallas child magazine child fair is just around the corner. whew! it has been a fun and crazy summer!

sad to say that my poor blog has suffered and i am getting emails demanding more pictures on the blog from my wonderful clients and clients-to-be. :) this week i will try and post once a day to show you the great kids and their families that i have had the pleasure of spending time with over the past few weeks.

i love my job. are these kids anything less than spectacular?