Monday, September 22, 2008

commercial shoot | dallas child photographer

a couple weeks ago i had the opportunity to photograph some kids for a commercial advertising contest. a car dealership in the DFW area held a contest where we photographed kids that came by, with the cars, in the cars, and on the cars. one of the photos will be selected for the dealership's advertising campaign.

while we have not made a decision as to which photo we like the most - all of the kids were so very cute - i thought i should share a few of our fly-by-just-for-fun shots so you can see some of the beautiful faces that came my way.

they were such troopers. it was hot. it was humid. most of the photos were in direct sun and the cars were a bit toasty. but you would never know it from looking at the photographs because the kids handled it all so well.

and! there was this great company - i will have to look up their name for you - that showed up with a ginormous trailer that they had converted to a video mecca. they had flat screens on the wall, these great old-diner-looking chairs and a plethora of the most popular video games out there. ok, so here i was, all set up and waiting for the kids to arrive when my husband says, "hey, let's go check this video thing out." thats all it took. the owner of the coolest trailer in the world sets us up with band hero...or was it guitar hero?...well, for my purposes, it doesnt matter. i am now hooked and ready to get myself an early christmas present. that was the most fun ever! yeah, ok, so i lost the first dual against my husband, but i just chalk that up to never having played before. i am happy to report that my the second head-to-head combat round, i was the clear winner and plan on keeping my title of "queen supreme video guitar player."

you will have to check out the shoot i did yesterday of these kids - when i have time to post! - because they too are band hero officianados. we were able to incorporate their video equipment in some really fun shots. more on those later.

as for the commercial shoot...thanks guys, it was fun!


FabulousTerrah said...

wow, you got some excellent shots in there. And I have to say... that baby has to be one of the most gorgeous babies I have ever laid eyes on. beautiful. :)